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junnishi_rpg's Journal

A Fruits Basket RPG
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The game date will start on Wednesday, August 16th, the last five days of the summer vacation for Japanese students.


This RP is taking place after the events in vol.11 with the cast returning from the summer house. After their arrival, alarming news begins to circulate amongst the Sohma household! Akito is missing! Is this relief for the cursed Sohma members or is it a nightmare?

UPDATE: Now that Akito has been found, the new plot will surround Akito and the clan head's reaction to how the Jyuunishi carried themselves during his recent...absence. Plots and sub-plots abound, so who knows what will happen next?

New guidelines/rules and definitions
for the RPG as follows:

1. If you don't contact us within a week of not
posting, we're going to assume you're not interested
in the RPG and terminate membership without notice.
We've been quite lax in the past but now it's time to
get tough. It's not that hard to post, nor is it that
hard to drop us either an email or an IM with what's
bothering ya. Especially since one or either (or both)
of us is online every day.

2. With regards to the posting day - there's no reason
why you can't just go ahead and say it's the next day
for your character if you feel the posting day is
getting too dragged out. Go ahead and make the post;
if there are any issues, we'll get in touch,
otherwise, continue on as regular :)

3. Spoilers. Everyone has their own definition of what
a spoiler is, but we're not too terribly bothered
right now. Some people are reading ahead, some are
not. Most who are not, don't seem to be too terribly
bothered either way, so we're not going to be worrying
so much about this issue. It's not that important in
the scheme of things. Especially given a few facts:
There are members who know that Akito is a girl,
namely Kureno, Shigure, Hatori, Ayame and possibly Ritsu. So
it's perfectly ok for them to 'think about her as
such, even if they can't talk about it in the post.

4. Please, PLEASE, don't bring outside issues into the
RPG. What happens (or happened) elsewhere is to be
kept elsewhere. If you have issues with other players,
just don't play with them. It's as simple as that. If
you can't avoid it, then just do as your characters
would do, not as you would do. That's why it's an RPG.
If an issue crops up in this RPG, it's to be kept in
this RPG and not spread about. It's only common sense
and courtesy to everyone else.

5. In the same vein, it's kinda not classy to be
dissing other players, even if you don't feel you are.
Try and keep to the idea that if you can't say
anything nice about someone, don't say it at all. It's
unfair to everyone to keep having to hear about
whatever issues. Especially if they've already been
addressed elsewhere. If you have THAT big of an issue,
then maybe you shouldn't be here. We're here to RP and
have fun, and this isn't fun.

6. The RPG itself: It's not that hard to post
something, even just a few times a week. Or even once
a week. I know we're all (or most of us) busy people,
but if you're online, you can post. Simple as that. It
doesn't take 5 minutes, even if you just post
something like 'so and so went to get something to eat
and met so and so while doing it.' At least that is
something, and doesn't leave your RPG-mates stuck for
something to do. It's not fair on them, it's not fair
on us, it's not fair on the readers. It's courtesy,
after all. If you join an RPG, you should be playing.
If you can't, then please let us know and we'll find

7. We're not here to babysit you. With a few
exceptions, we're all adults here, and should be
acting accordingly. It's not fair for us (or your
RPG-mates) to have to chase you down to post. The only
really acceptable reason you can't post is serious
illness or lack of computer. Again, if we're seeing
you online (or knowing that you're hiding *pokes*)
then you'd better have a damned good excuse for not
posting. The time limit has now changed to a week. You
have one week to post at least once, or let us know
why you can't, otherwise we'll be advertising for
replacements. If you're taking too much time off from
the RPG, we'll also be finding someone else, because
we need committed players who have the time to post,
not someone who's keeping everyone back.

Thread Labeling:

To avoid confusion, please be sure to label your entries with the date and time of day. You may not go back in time. Don't rely on us to tell you when it's the next day. If you feel the need, label your post as being the next day, but make sure your previous thread(s) have all been exited in the required manner.

Example: Oct. 16th-Morning-Shigure's house


Players are by no means expected to adhere to the manga or the anime nor are they limited to the canon couples. However, it is important that you keep your character as IC as possible. Spoilers past Vol. 12 are not encouraged. Use your judgement when posting.

Note: Not all players are interested in romantic pairings, or in those suggested by the manga/anime. Please feel free to discuss with other RPers, but respect their choices.


Sohma Clan

Yuki- Available
Hatori- eternal__winter
Kisa- Available
Kazuma- Available
Momiji- Available

Tohru and Friends

Honda Tohru-the_riceball
Hanajima Saki- Available
Hanajima Megumi- Available
Uotani Arisa- Available
Student Council Members:

Kuragi Machi- Available
Manabe Kakeru- Available
Todou Kimi- Available
Sakuragi Naohito- Available

Prince Yuki Fanclub:

Minagawa Motoko- Available
Kinoshita Minami- Available
Yamagishi Mio- Available


Kuramae Mine- Available
Mitt-chan (Shigure's editor)-editor_michan
Shiraki Mayuko-shiraki_mayuko


Your name:

Email address:

AIM/YM Screename:

Character which you are applying for:

Previous RP experience (If any):

Please provide at least two sample journal entries for your character, one to be written in 1st person and the other in 3rd person:

Applications should be forwarded to SakuraxPetalz@aol.com