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August 17th: 3 pm - On the way to Mitsuru's House

With his monkey arms wrapped tightly around Mitsuru's neck, Ritsu shuddered- his mind racing with all the possible consequences of this situation. If she were to find out, she would think him to be a freak and then she wouldn't have anything to with him anymore! Plus, Hatori-niisan would have to erase her memories and Akito would.. he wasn't sure what Akito would do. Akito certainly wouldn't be pleased, that's for sure. If his family found out, they would surely think him to be more of a disgrace to the Sohma name than he could ever dream of thinking of himself. He already thought himself to be disgraceful.. but if he couldn't figure something out..

His mind was still set on escaping through a window and then running home with a towel. Surely she wouldn't be in the same room as him during the entire time, right? Sighing, he nuzzled his fuzzy head against her neck, finding a strange comfort from this. He would never, ever in a million years do this in his normal form, but in monkey form it could be excused. He was just a monkey, nothing more and nothing less to her.

Waiting for her to start on her journey home, he watched all the people pass by them, hoping that he didn't see one of his cousins. They couldn't know now, not when she didn't even know!
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