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August 10th - Evening to Night - Tokyo Hospital

Her eyelids fluttered open, and she found herself staring up at a stark white ceiling. However, her view was soon blocked by her mother's worried face hovering over her.

"Oh Mayuko! Thank goodness you're awake! I was so worried about you!"

"What?" Mayuko blinked in confusion. What was she talking about? What had happened to her? Where was she?

"You're at the hospital, sweetie." Her mother smiled as took Mayuko's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "The doctor says that you will be fine, though. You really should watch where you are going. Kami, I can't believe you were hit by a car! You could have been killed!"

She laid there in silence as her mother continued to lecture her about the importance of looking both ways before crossing a street.

"Do you want me to call someone for you?" Mayuko recognized the purse that her mother was holding. It was HER purse. "Oh, I know!" She pulled out Mayu's cell phone and began pressing random buttons. "How about Shigure-san? He's such a nice young man. You really should marry him, you know..."

It seemed that the cell phone wasn't the only buttons she planned on pushing.

"NO!" Mayuko tried to sit up, failing miserably. "No on both accounts! Give me my phone back, mother!"

"Or who was that other man? The one who came to the bookstore? Ohhhh he was such a handsome fellow! Don't you worry, you just rest! Mommy will take care of everything!" She watched in horror as her mother pranced out of the room, cell phone in hand.

((It won't be long before Mayuko's mother figures out how to work that cell phone and starts dialing random people in the phonebook, spreading the news about Mayu's little accident. As a matter of fact, she's calling Ayame right now since he's at the beginning of the alphabet~!))
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