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August 17 - Afternoonish: Lurking somewhere in the compound

Ayame didn't particularly like the compound. Well, he supposed he didn't mind it, but it was one of those places that was just exceptionally boring... unless one made an effort to amuse oneself. And what an effort that could take!

And well, there was that little matter of not particularly liking the people in the compound either. Tasteless and uptight, the lot of them.

And so he wasn't really sure why he was still hanging around. He hadn't been summoned, even if both his cousins had.

He was just SOOOO BORED.

He wondered if he could go find Kureno and pester him into trying on one of his special outfits after all. There was that one canary one that would be just perfect...

(ooc: if no one crashes, Ayame shall go crash instead!)
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