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August 17th: Sohma Compound, somewhere near where Akito might be

The sound of cicadas was deafening, singing their irritating song, their anthem of summer and of the short life they had before they settled back into many long years of dormancy.

A long year... that is what today had felt like, with all the drama of illness and car chases. Dimly he wondered if he should go back out and check on his cousins. Knowing Ayame, that car would be parked somehow inside the gate if he was suddenly distracted by something bright and shiny. And Haru? That boy probably was lost again somewhere.

He could go look, but he was lazy. That, and there was the matter of that date with Akito. His lips curled up slightly as he envisioned Akito storming down that path, haughty expression in tow. Why that thought excited him, he didn't know other than he liked the games they played, the passion roused by the god's anger, and the hope of something forbidden later.

What would he do this time? Grovel? Or simply unleash some of his amorous tendencies that had been awakened by Hiro's mother? He supposed it depended on the whims of the god. But even so, his thoughts lingered on the texture of a kimono and the softness underneath as he placed his hand on a tree and caressed its trunk.

A brief expression of something undecipherable crossed his face, before it was gone, replaced by a look of utter blandness.
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