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August 17th: Later that Afternoon- Main Compound

After waving goodbye to his mother, Hiro began to walk towards Hatori's house, medicine and muffins in hand. He gazed at the afternoon sun as he made his way towards his cousin's house, wondering if his cousin was really that ill. Shigure had a tendency to exaggerate sometimes, so this walk might be really for nothing.

Sighing, the boy ran his fingers through his short blond locks, gazing at a patch of flowers growing. In this patch of flowers, there was about a group of 4- but one seemed to stand out more than the rest. This one, a beautiful red tulip, stood as if it was the King of all the flowers. The other flowers seemed to fail horribly in comparison to this one, looking like peasants and hobos out on the street.

But, more than anything else, this flower sort of mesmorized Hiro, which was strange because he never really liked flowers all that much. It drew him in, like a bug to light, and he had to stop himself from going over to smell it. It was weird, and strangely like the sort of draw Akito had on all the Junnishi. They all were bound to him through blood and the curse, and they all ended up coming back to him, no matter what.

Even if that meant at the cost of themselves.

Making his way past the flowers, Hiro made his way through the compound and closer to Hatori's.

Hiro exits.
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