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August 17th: Afternoon - Hiro's Home

Walking to the kitchen to fetch himself so tea, Hiro sighed and hoped his mother didn't fall down for the ten billionth time that day. No matter what he did, the ram could never seem to keep her from causing some sort of freak accident in the house. If it wasn't his mother breaking a glass, it was her falling down the stairs or burning something in the kitchen. For the blond, watching out for his mother was practically like a full time job.

Opening the fridge, he acquired the pitcher full of peach tea and poured himself a glass. The boy sipped on it, satisfied with the refreshing taste. It felt good to let the cool liquid run down his throat, quenching his thirst. Returning the tea to the fridge, Hiro returned to the living room, only to find his mother giggling on the floor.

"....Mother, what are you doing? Do you think there isn't dirt on the floor?," he asked, really not in the mood for her child's play. How can she be so silly sometimes...?, Hiro wondered to himself, sitting down beside her.

Earlier in the day, his mother had informed him how their God had been found. Hiro hadn't feeled exactly jumped with joy hearing the news, but he wasn't really pleased either. Of course, what would he do without Akito- what would all of them do?
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