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August 17, 1 PM, Bargain Books Galore

Mitsuru looked about happily, if somewhat nervously. They had reached the front of the bookstore her sister had asked her to go to. Time to face the music, she thought, glancing at her companion. Was he going to be alright?

"Sohma-san? Are you alright? We don't have to do this you know. If it's too much, we can turn back..." She noticed he was shaking and started to rethink this plan.

All I can hope for are some low-key clerks and a quiet atmosphere. It should be okay then. Still, she kept in mind the move she had seen Shigure use to calm Ritsu. You never knew when these things would be handy.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and walked into the shop, and stopped suddenly. The place was huge. And even worse, the clerks were smiling. That was never a good sign. She began to turn to leave when two of them popped up, grabbing Ritsu and herself by the arm and describing their latest bargains.
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