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August 17 - Afternoon; Out on the Streets Again

It was much to the disappointment of the men around her that she was not working the corner.

She quickly flipped a passing male the finger as he tried to approach her at the last moment. Goddammit. She hated it when this happened.

After leaving Sensei's house, she had decided to leave Sohma behind altogether. She didn't want to see anyone else while she thought about what to do next. Unfortunate that she found herself where if she wasn't paying attention, she would be prey to all manner of stalkers and creeps even in the daylight.

Her thoughts went back to the woods near the summer house. Completely naked before the Honda girl and nearly killing her with her hooves...it was probably a good idea she hadn't stuck around Sensei's to see her again.

She had won Sensei over too, now had she? She didn't know what she was messing with. The horsey would try and extricate the outsider from the dangerous affairs that would surely cause her much harm. It would be a race against time. Honda would not be the one to break the curse.

For now, she wandered and brooded and sighed.

And tried to keep an eye out in case she happened to find her lost pair of boots and clothing from yesterday.
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