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Aug.17: Late Morning, Hatsuharu's House

When Hatsuharu woke up it was well into the morning. His strands of white hair were tangled and sticking at odd ends and there was a slight marking of a wrinkle of his pillow. His mind and eyes stared straight forward blank to the world as his senses tried to jump start. Slowly his eyes roved over his room before coming to rest on his bed side table where an oddly shaped clock Rin had given him glaring told him to get out of bed. There was also a note but Haru ignored it as he flopped right back into his covers.

Only to spring back up again a few seconds later and grab the note. It was simple, written in girlish, childish writing that cause him to smile. Ah, he missed her already… well he missed someone else more but he wasn’t sure if that one wanted to see him as much as he wanted to see her. Stubborn creature…

The white haired Ox lay on his bed once again and contemplated his ceiling for some time before rising out of the comfortable sheets. He changed quickly into one of his less complicated outfits, but still just as outlandish. Of course Haru made sure that each and every piece of jewelry was in place before grabbing an apple on the way out of his house.

((Haru exits.))
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