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August 17th, Noon, City Street

As she walked along, Mit-chan lost herself to thoughts of nothing. Wandering down the streets, she wondered briefly if Sohma would come through for her this time.

As she crossed the street on her way to get a new book for her sister, she caught sight of a familiar looking young girl, though she was unable to place her. Getting closer to the shop, she once again began to ponder what was happening. Sohma had been very irritable the last few weeks, and his behavior yesterday had been nothing short of disturbing. She'd found the pages of his manuscript in a neat stack on her desk when she went into the office, instead of being at his home and (supposedly) unfinished.

Suddenly she was jostled to one side. As she turned to see who had bumped her she ran straight into someone else - and this time was knocked to her feet.

((OOC: I'm terribly sorry for the delay, and if it's too short. I'm about to be kicked off the internet, so I did what I could.))

((Tag: Machi))
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