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Resignation [Saturday
6:00pm April 29th, 2006]

[ mood | busy ]

Yes, I know I haven't been around but it hasn't been my fault -_-;

Let me explain. Monday, my laptop decided it was going to crap out and only now have I had the opportunity to use my brother's computer to write this. Anyway, I'm not sure when it'll be back (meaning no internet for me except for every now and then for a limited amount of time) so I'm going to have to resign as Hiro.

I really wish I didn't have to, but it's only fair to the other players. I've had fun playing him though, and I hope once I have the internet back.. that I might be able to play with some of you guys again elsewhere.

Good luck and I'll see ya'll later.

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August 17 - Shigure's House; Evening [Friday
12:28pm April 7th, 2006]

[ mood | strangely cheerful ]

It's a bit out of the way, but then again, that's the point.

Even with the threat of darkness hanging above and below and behind, she had never felt so optimistic. It had been a long time.

With a strange amount of cheer, she began knocking.

((This chick will keep knocking and then switch to kicking if no one answers...))

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17 Aug - Evening ~:|| Sohma Hatori Residence ||:~ [Thursday
8:06pm April 6th, 2006]

[ mood | dead-beat and parched ]

It could either have been the ringing that he heard, or the drilling in his head that stirred Sohma Hatori from his uneasy slumber. So he waited, in between full wakefulness and blissful repose, and listened around for that infernal noise. Then he realized that it was coming from between his ears.

He simply lay there, feeling that he would not fall asleep anyway, and glanced at the windows. It must be night-time. He sighed. About some hours' sleep. Not bad.

What a crazy day it started out to be. All because of his damn headache. But it topped off just nicely, after getting a visit from his cousins, which he never in his life would expect. 

And since when have I gotten so cynical?...

A cough erupted from his parched throat, sending throbbing waves into his head that threatened to make his brain explode. Damn. He had to wait a while for the pain to lose some of its edge before risking sitting up. He made a grimace. So much for following doctor's orders. He didn't take any medications at all!

He reached for the small parcel Hiro gave him earlier. He had the presence of mind to turn his head away from the bedside lamp he turned on, then fingered among the medicine to see what was safe for him to take. He grimaced again. That meant eating if he didn't want to add stomach upset to his ailment.

In the kitchen, he prepared himself a light sandwich and cold lemon juice. Sitting there, and letting his mind idle, he let a hand venture to the bump on his head, then flinched. It's too early for me to retire, isn't it?...


August 17th: 3 pm - On the way to Mitsuru's House [Tuesday
9:35pm April 4th, 2006]

[ mood | stressed ]

With his monkey arms wrapped tightly around Mitsuru's neck, Ritsu shuddered- his mind racing with all the possible consequences of this situation. If she were to find out, she would think him to be a freak and then she wouldn't have anything to with him anymore! Plus, Hatori-niisan would have to erase her memories and Akito would.. he wasn't sure what Akito would do. Akito certainly wouldn't be pleased, that's for sure. If his family found out, they would surely think him to be more of a disgrace to the Sohma name than he could ever dream of thinking of himself. He already thought himself to be disgraceful.. but if he couldn't figure something out..

His mind was still set on escaping through a window and then running home with a towel. Surely she wouldn't be in the same room as him during the entire time, right? Sighing, he nuzzled his fuzzy head against her neck, finding a strange comfort from this. He would never, ever in a million years do this in his normal form, but in monkey form it could be excused. He was just a monkey, nothing more and nothing less to her.

Waiting for her to start on her journey home, he watched all the people pass by them, hoping that he didn't see one of his cousins. They couldn't know now, not when she didn't even know!

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August 17 -- Evening: Aaya answers the phone [Thursday
6:21pm March 23rd, 2006]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Sometime after Ayame slipped out of the Sohma compound gates, his phone began playing the opening notes of a well-known opera. Very loudly.

He took his time reaching for the phone, letting it ring for a few more seconds while amusing himself with all the glares and weird looks he was getting from passersby before finally picking up.


He wondered who it was. He hadn't looked at the number!

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August 10th - Evening to Night - Tokyo Hospital [Wednesday
9:01am March 22nd, 2006]

[ mood | crappy ]

Her eyelids fluttered open, and she found herself staring up at a stark white ceiling. However, her view was soon blocked by her mother's worried face hovering over her.

"Oh Mayuko! Thank goodness you're awake! I was so worried about you!"

"What?" Mayuko blinked in confusion. What was she talking about? What had happened to her? Where was she?

"You're at the hospital, sweetie." Her mother smiled as took Mayuko's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "The doctor says that you will be fine, though. You really should watch where you are going. Kami, I can't believe you were hit by a car! You could have been killed!"

She laid there in silence as her mother continued to lecture her about the importance of looking both ways before crossing a street.

"Do you want me to call someone for you?" Mayuko recognized the purse that her mother was holding. It was HER purse. "Oh, I know!" She pulled out Mayu's cell phone and began pressing random buttons. "How about Shigure-san? He's such a nice young man. You really should marry him, you know..."

It seemed that the cell phone wasn't the only buttons she planned on pushing.

"NO!" Mayuko tried to sit up, failing miserably. "No on both accounts! Give me my phone back, mother!"

"Or who was that other man? The one who came to the bookstore? Ohhhh he was such a handsome fellow! Don't you worry, you just rest! Mommy will take care of everything!" She watched in horror as her mother pranced out of the room, cell phone in hand.

((It won't be long before Mayuko's mother figures out how to work that cell phone and starts dialing random people in the phonebook, spreading the news about Mayu's little accident. As a matter of fact, she's calling Ayame right now since he's at the beginning of the alphabet~!))


August 17 - Afternoonish: Lurking somewhere in the compound [Thursday
6:42pm March 16th, 2006]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Ayame didn't particularly like the compound. Well, he supposed he didn't mind it, but it was one of those places that was just exceptionally boring... unless one made an effort to amuse oneself. And what an effort that could take!

And well, there was that little matter of not particularly liking the people in the compound either. Tasteless and uptight, the lot of them.

And so he wasn't really sure why he was still hanging around. He hadn't been summoned, even if both his cousins had.

He was just SOOOO BORED.

He wondered if he could go find Kureno and pester him into trying on one of his special outfits after all. There was that one canary one that would be just perfect...

(ooc: if no one crashes, Ayame shall go crash instead!)

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August 17th: Sohma Compound, somewhere near where Akito might be [Thursday
12:13am March 16th, 2006]

[ mood | Hot for Akito ]

The sound of cicadas was deafening, singing their irritating song, their anthem of summer and of the short life they had before they settled back into many long years of dormancy.

A long year... that is what today had felt like, with all the drama of illness and car chases. Dimly he wondered if he should go back out and check on his cousins. Knowing Ayame, that car would be parked somehow inside the gate if he was suddenly distracted by something bright and shiny. And Haru? That boy probably was lost again somewhere.

He could go look, but he was lazy. That, and there was the matter of that date with Akito. His lips curled up slightly as he envisioned Akito storming down that path, haughty expression in tow. Why that thought excited him, he didn't know other than he liked the games they played, the passion roused by the god's anger, and the hope of something forbidden later.

What would he do this time? Grovel? Or simply unleash some of his amorous tendencies that had been awakened by Hiro's mother? He supposed it depended on the whims of the god. But even so, his thoughts lingered on the texture of a kimono and the softness underneath as he placed his hand on a tree and caressed its trunk.

A brief expression of something undecipherable crossed his face, before it was gone, replaced by a look of utter blandness.

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August 17th: Later that Afternoon- Main Compound [Wednesday
11:11pm March 15th, 2006]

[ mood | fangirly ]

After waving goodbye to his mother, Hiro began to walk towards Hatori's house, medicine and muffins in hand. He gazed at the afternoon sun as he made his way towards his cousin's house, wondering if his cousin was really that ill. Shigure had a tendency to exaggerate sometimes, so this walk might be really for nothing.

Sighing, the boy ran his fingers through his short blond locks, gazing at a patch of flowers growing. In this patch of flowers, there was about a group of 4- but one seemed to stand out more than the rest. This one, a beautiful red tulip, stood as if it was the King of all the flowers. The other flowers seemed to fail horribly in comparison to this one, looking like peasants and hobos out on the street.

But, more than anything else, this flower sort of mesmorized Hiro, which was strange because he never really liked flowers all that much. It drew him in, like a bug to light, and he had to stop himself from going over to smell it. It was weird, and strangely like the sort of draw Akito had on all the Junnishi. They all were bound to him through blood and the curse, and they all ended up coming back to him, no matter what.

Even if that meant at the cost of themselves.

Making his way past the flowers, Hiro made his way through the compound and closer to Hatori's.

Hiro exits.


August 17th: Afternoon - Hiro's Home [Tuesday
9:57pm March 7th, 2006]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Walking to the kitchen to fetch himself so tea, Hiro sighed and hoped his mother didn't fall down for the ten billionth time that day. No matter what he did, the ram could never seem to keep her from causing some sort of freak accident in the house. If it wasn't his mother breaking a glass, it was her falling down the stairs or burning something in the kitchen. For the blond, watching out for his mother was practically like a full time job.

Opening the fridge, he acquired the pitcher full of peach tea and poured himself a glass. The boy sipped on it, satisfied with the refreshing taste. It felt good to let the cool liquid run down his throat, quenching his thirst. Returning the tea to the fridge, Hiro returned to the living room, only to find his mother giggling on the floor.

"....Mother, what are you doing? Do you think there isn't dirt on the floor?," he asked, really not in the mood for her child's play. How can she be so silly sometimes...?, Hiro wondered to himself, sitting down beside her.

Earlier in the day, his mother had informed him how their God had been found. Hiro hadn't feeled exactly jumped with joy hearing the news, but he wasn't really pleased either. Of course, what would he do without Akito- what would all of them do?

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August 17th - Evening - Running Away [Monday
7:39pm March 6th, 2006]

[ mood | distraught ]

And so she ran. Whether she was running from Hatori or herself; it made no difference. She just wanted to get away from it all--she wanted to forget everything. To forget him.

She stopped long enough to toss the parcel she had been carrying into a nearby trash can and continued to tear through the streets, blinded by her tears. Once again she had made a fool of herself in front of Hatori...and she hated herself for it.


Why couldn't she forget about him and accept the fact that it's a hopeless cause?

If Kana-chan couldn't find happiness with him, what made Mayuko think that she could?

As much as Mayuko hated to admit it, Shigure was right. She was foolish. Kana-chan was happily married now and Hatori was moving on with his life. Mayuko was the only one still trapped in the past...

...the only one left behind.

As she darted across a busy intersection, she was startled from her thoughts by the blaring of a car horn followed by the sound of tires screeching as they skidded along the pavement.

And then there was nothing.

[Exits/Ends Thread]


August 17, 1 PM, Bargain Books Galore [Sunday
4:21am March 5th, 2006]

[ mood | scared ]

Mitsuru looked about happily, if somewhat nervously. They had reached the front of the bookstore her sister had asked her to go to. Time to face the music, she thought, glancing at her companion. Was he going to be alright?

"Sohma-san? Are you alright? We don't have to do this you know. If it's too much, we can turn back..." She noticed he was shaking and started to rethink this plan.

All I can hope for are some low-key clerks and a quiet atmosphere. It should be okay then. Still, she kept in mind the move she had seen Shigure use to calm Ritsu. You never knew when these things would be handy.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and walked into the shop, and stopped suddenly. The place was huge. And even worse, the clerks were smiling. That was never a good sign. She began to turn to leave when two of them popped up, grabbing Ritsu and herself by the arm and describing their latest bargains.

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17 Aug. | Late Afternoon to Evening - Sohma Hatori Residence [Thursday
12:58pm March 2nd, 2006]

[ mood | sore ]

Hatori was but mildly surprised that nobody stopped him on his way to his home for one excuse or another. Double was his surprise when he actually made it there, without assistance or transforming, on his front door.

The afternoon sun still filtered through the old windows, but he didn't think of turning on any lights; it still hurts his eyes, anyway. As he took time taking off his shoes, he contemplated on running a hot bath to relieve some of the pain in his head and the tension in his body. With the minimized glare, the nauseated feeling was a little more manageable now, but the headache persisted. It still baffled him that he was attacked by such severe a migraine. He was never susceptible to one before. He distantly wondered then if it was something they ate. And it was just his luck that he had to be affected.

He shuffled his way to his bathroom to run the water, unbuttoning his shirt and sat down the tiled floor by the the tub. Taking a soaked washcloth, he ran the comfortable damp cloth over his face and relished at the relief it offered.

What... a long... day.

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August 17 - Afternoon; Out on the Streets Again [Saturday
3:52am February 18th, 2006]

[ mood | unsure ]

It was much to the disappointment of the men around her that she was not working the corner.

She quickly flipped a passing male the finger as he tried to approach her at the last moment. Goddammit. She hated it when this happened.

After leaving Sensei's house, she had decided to leave Sohma behind altogether. She didn't want to see anyone else while she thought about what to do next. Unfortunate that she found herself where if she wasn't paying attention, she would be prey to all manner of stalkers and creeps even in the daylight.

Her thoughts went back to the woods near the summer house. Completely naked before the Honda girl and nearly killing her with her hooves...it was probably a good idea she hadn't stuck around Sensei's to see her again.

She had won Sensei over too, now had she? She didn't know what she was messing with. The horsey would try and extricate the outsider from the dangerous affairs that would surely cause her much harm. It would be a race against time. Honda would not be the one to break the curse.

For now, she wandered and brooded and sighed.

And tried to keep an eye out in case she happened to find her lost pair of boots and clothing from yesterday.

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August 17: Kaibara High SC classroom [Around 10:30am] [Thursday
11:08am February 16th, 2006]

Sitting in the empty classroom, Yuki awaited his fellow Student Council members to arrive. He was stationed at the head of the table working on filing some papers to keep himself busy. Sure he was early, but wasn’t that expected of the President? To always be prepared ahead of time. Well that was Yuki, at least what he tried to be. There was a lot of work to do today, school would be starting up again soon and students would be returning. Things needed to be in order before then.

(ooc- not much of a post, but I wanted to remain in the game. I won’t be here this weekend so I needed to post now))

August 17th - Late Morning - Somewhere on Sohma grounds [Friday
7:04pm February 10th, 2006]

How engaging contemplation is. It fools even the sharpest into forgetting their demeanor.

Enveloped by the calm of the garden, she looked like a doll as she sat upon the small engawa. Her muscles relaxed and eyelids rested half-open, it was sight rather unbecoming of Akito. Back against a wooden pillar and right leg dangling off above the still water of a pond, the only movement visible from this doll was the twirling of a blue iris, detached from it's origin, in thin fingers.

Akito's mind was lost in itself. As the raked sand formed patterns around settings of jagged rocks and pruned flowers, her thoughts raced. They followed the curves and straight lines in the sand; they turned, twisted. And just as the grooves in the sand met their anterior positions, Akito's mind repeated itself in circular thoughts.

Round and round we go, up and down an endless spiral.

Without even the foot steps of another to be heard, nothing was there besides herself to shatter tranquility. And with a gentle breeze that scattered particles from the ground and swept strands of black hair across her face, Akito twitched. Indignation flashed across her face with tightened lips and glaring eyes.

Oh, how she hoped deep down that her bird would hasten in its flight to her, lest he stumble along the edge of safety.
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August 17 - Afternoon - Outside the Sohma Mainhouse [Tuesday
8:36am February 7th, 2006]

[ mood | nervous ]

Mayuko shifted the parcel in her arms as she stood outside of what she assumed to be the Sohma mainhouse, since it was, afterall, the biggest one there. She wasn't exactly sure whether or not this 'Akito' person could be found here, but she figured it was worth a shot.

A part of her hoped that she would be able to see Hatori, though she didn't know what she would do even if she did. At any rate, as long as she didn't have to deal with Shigure and his relentless teasing, everything would be A-OK.


((Here's hoping one of you on "The Inside" shows up to greet Mayuko. Otherwise, she'll end up wandering around the compound, most likely sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. ^^))

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Aug.17: Late Morning, Hatsuharu's House [Sunday
3:13am February 5th, 2006]

[ mood | sleepy ]

When Hatsuharu woke up it was well into the morning. His strands of white hair were tangled and sticking at odd ends and there was a slight marking of a wrinkle of his pillow. His mind and eyes stared straight forward blank to the world as his senses tried to jump start. Slowly his eyes roved over his room before coming to rest on his bed side table where an oddly shaped clock Rin had given him glaring told him to get out of bed. There was also a note but Haru ignored it as he flopped right back into his covers.

Only to spring back up again a few seconds later and grab the note. It was simple, written in girlish, childish writing that cause him to smile. Ah, he missed her already… well he missed someone else more but he wasn’t sure if that one wanted to see him as much as he wanted to see her. Stubborn creature…

The white haired Ox lay on his bed once again and contemplated his ceiling for some time before rising out of the comfortable sheets. He changed quickly into one of his less complicated outfits, but still just as outlandish. Of course Haru made sure that each and every piece of jewelry was in place before grabbing an apple on the way out of his house.

((Haru exits.))


August 17th, Noon, City Street [Friday
10:50pm February 3rd, 2006]

[ mood | annoyed ]

As she walked along, Mit-chan lost herself to thoughts of nothing. Wandering down the streets, she wondered briefly if Sohma would come through for her this time.

As she crossed the street on her way to get a new book for her sister, she caught sight of a familiar looking young girl, though she was unable to place her. Getting closer to the shop, she once again began to ponder what was happening. Sohma had been very irritable the last few weeks, and his behavior yesterday had been nothing short of disturbing. She'd found the pages of his manuscript in a neat stack on her desk when she went into the office, instead of being at his home and (supposedly) unfinished.

Suddenly she was jostled to one side. As she turned to see who had bumped her she ran straight into someone else - and this time was knocked to her feet.

((OOC: I'm terribly sorry for the delay, and if it's too short. I'm about to be kicked off the internet, so I did what I could.))

((Tag: Machi))

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Aug 17 High Noon: Hatori's car aka CRUISIN DOWN DA HIGHWAY [Tuesday
7:11pm January 31st, 2006]

As Shigure gently placed his cousin in the front seat of the car and strapped him in, he felt a great measure of success.

He hadn't dropped him on the way!

But as he himself got in the car and began to pull away from the highschool, he wondered exactly what to do.
You see, he wasn't really a practiced driver. And despite his keen doggie senses, there was no special gift in the doggie zodiac that stated that his sense of direction would actually equate into knowing where he was going.

Because he didn't.

"Ehhhhh Ha-san?" Shigure rolled down the windows slightly near his cousin so he could puke hopefully in the -other- direction should he get sick. He turned his attention fully on to his cousin, and away from the road and in his most cheerful tone of voice intoned: "Ha-san? Where are we going?"

At this point they are in a moving car. Don't know if they are spottable at this speed, but welcome to try!
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